International Delivery

International Delivery is a service provided by M&P Courier that enables customers to send packages from one country to another. This service allows customers to send documents, parcels, and other items to different parts of the world.

M&P Courier’s International Delivery service includes options for express delivery, standard delivery, and economy delivery. Express delivery is the fastest option, with the package typically delivered within 1-3 business days. Standard delivery takes longer, with delivery usually taking 3-5 business days. Economy delivery is the most cost-effective option but can take up to 7-10 business days for delivery.

M&P Courier also provides international tracking services for their international deliveries, allowing customers to track the progress of their packages online. Additionally, the company offers customs clearance services to ensure that the packages comply with all the relevant regulations and requirements of the destination country.

M&P has played a key role in making it easier for Pakistani citizens to send their cargo internationally thanks to its solid and smart connections. We transport your items promptly, safely, and securely to 210+ destinations. Our teams are committed to improving our procedures, adopting new technology, and giving our clients an even better experience that best meets their various demands.

Based on precise shipping preferences and the recipient’s location, M&P Express Logistics delivery timeframes will be determined. The typical lead time for domestic shipments is three to seven business days, while the lead time for overseas shipments might reach twenty-one days. Users can enter precise shipment information on to receive an exact delivery time estimate for their item. Users can also find tips on how to make the delivery process as efficient as possible, such as choosing the best shipping method based on the distance a package must travel, figuring out the cost of sending an item, getting recommended packing supplies to protect the item until it reaches its intended destination, finding Deals that lower shipping costs, and tracking the progress of your package.

Tracking Retail COD

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